Brass Hardware

Any kind of Precision Brass Hardware Parts can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications

Accurate Metalcraft recognized as one of the most dependable Brass Hardware Manufacturer and Exporters in India. The brass used in the manufacturing of the entire range of Brass Door Hardware i.e. brass hinges and tower bolts is of excellent quality that ensures international standards in terms of quality and performance. The notable features like high durability, resistance to rust and tensile strength has attracted various.


We offer a wide range of antique brass hardware, brass door hardware and brass window hardware, which are extensively used for various industrial purposes. Our hardware products are used for doors, windows and for many other applications. Since our products are manufactured from prime quality raw materials, we ensure our clients of the finest quality end products. We have been able to procure a large clientele.


  • Butt Hinges
  • bearing Hinges
  • Crown Hinges
  • Cut Hinges
  • Door Closer Hinges (Single)
  • Door Closer Hinges (Double)
  • L Hinges

  • W hinges & Type hinges (2 in 1)
  • Z Hinges
  • Table Hinges
  • Parlament Hinges
  • Railway Hinges
  • Railway Smooth Hinges
  • Railway Cut Hinges

Tower Bolt:

  • Capsule Tower Bolt
  • Flash Type
  • Flower Type
  • Jailo Type
  • Mango Type
  • Neck Type
  • Premium neck Hex
  • Rectangle Type

  • Royal Type
  • Triangle Type
  • Valley Type
  • V hex Type
  • Plain Type
  • Heavy Type
  • Round Type
  • V Type

Baby Latch:

  • Zen Latch
  • China Latch
  • Square Latch
  • Chenal Latch

  • Parlament (U Type) Latch
  • Sliding (V Latch) Latch
  • Flate Latch

Fancy and Fitting:

  • D Bracket
  • F Bracket
  • Square Bracket

  • Mirror cap or Socket
  • Fancy Pivot
  • Fancy Bracket

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